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Recovering from rhinoplasty involves changing some of your usual habits and products in order to help your nose heal as quickly and comfortably as possible. While the healing process can seem daunting, a few simple and inexpensive products can help you recover more seamlessly.

One product to use during your recovery after rhinoplasty is Preparation H. While Preparation H is most commonly used a hemorrhoid cream it has a lesser known second use: reducing swelling after rhinoplasty. The active ingredient in Preparation H, phenylephrine, acts on the blood vessels in your nose to reduce swelling. Two weeks after your surgery, and after consulting with your surgeon, you can begin applying the cream to the outside of your nose.

Another product to use after rhinoplasty is a saline rinse. After your rhinoplasty, the inside of your nose may be dry, irritated, or draining. You may be tempted to blow your nose, but it is important not to for the first month after surgery. Instead, saline rinses can be used to keep the inside of your nose clean, comfortable, and moist. Beginning one day after surgery, you should rinse your nose 3-4 times daily with saline for your optimal comfort and healing.

A final helpful product to have on hand after rhinoplasty is an ice pack. In the first few days after rhinoplasty, you will likely have some swelling on your face, especially around your eyes. To help with the swelling, apply ice packs to the area for 20 minutes every hour while you are awake. Be careful not to apply the ice directly to the skin. Instead, wrap the ice pack in a cloth or towel. Additionally, be cautious to not apply pressure to your nose splint with the ice pack. If you have bags of frozen peas or corn on hand, they can be used instead of an ice pack.

These inexpensive, over-the-counter products can greatly improve your comfort during the recovery process from rhinoplasty. Be sure to consult with your surgeon before using any product, supplement, or medication to ensure that it is safe and recommended for your individual situation.