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Endoscopic two handed ear surgery

To evaluate the surgical outcome of two handed technique of endoscopic ear surgery with endoscope holder. Retrospective Non Randomized Clinical Study. A total of 547 endoscope holder (Justtach) assisted ear surgeries (331 cartilage tympanoplasties and 216 cholesteatoma surgeries) were operated with Justtach from July 2013 to April 2016 with a follow up period ranging from 12 to 45 months to evaluate its feasibility and results with the technique. The design of the endoscope holder, Justtach is described along with its functioning and maneuvering techniques. In the endoscopic tympanoplasty group, at 1 year follow up, the graft uptake was seen in 323 ears with three residual perforation and 5 recurrent perforations giving a success rate of 97.58%. At the 2 years follow up, the graft uptake was in 322 ears with 6 recurrent perforations and 3 residual perforations with a success rate of 97.28%. Whereas in case of endoscopic cholesteatoma surgery, there was residual cholesteatoma in 5 and recurrent in 6 out of 216 cases. The study reports the successful application and use of endoscope holder in two handed technique of endoscopic ear surgery.